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We believe the core of any business is its manpower.

GLOBALMAN.VN is not only your one-time recruiter service.

We help you maintain your long-term relationship with the global talents, increase work quality and satisfaction without worrying about any of the hassle of paper work. In short: We help you RECRUIT and RETAIN the right talent with ZERO STRESS!

Does this explain your current issues?

Over-budget HR Costs

Over-budget HR Costs

You want to save HR costs without sacrificing the work quality?

Can't find good candidates

Can't find good candidates

In need of perfect talents with required expertise to complete your projects?

Complicated Process

Complicated Process

Afraid of the time-costly process and paper work of hiring someone overseas?

No Time

No Time

Need a local person to take care of the all mundane secretary and admin services?

Let our 12+ year of experience in local recruitment and tax consultancy prove your results.

How it works?


Contact us

Contact us for a first FREE Consultancy where we can understand more about your HR needs and budget requirements. Then, our internal team will find you the most qualified candidates based on your brief and provide more legal consultancy.


Interview and Hiring

Once we gather potential candidates, we help you set up interviews with your chosen talents with no communication bumps. You can schedule as many meetings based on your internal recruiting standards.


On board

Once the candidate is selected, you can give us their start-date and contract requirements. We will take care of the remaining procedures and papers aligning to the local hiring law in Vietnam, monthly taxing requirements without having to set up a company in Vietnam, etc.

Beyond your


About us

Few words from our Founder

In 2010, after many years working in an provision of professional manpower services in Oil and Gas Industry in Viet Nam and Singapore, I decided to pursue my calling to found a tax consultancy company on my own. 

My passion was to help as many start-ups and SMEs in Vietnam (both local and foreign investment companies) to grow in the fast-paced and competitive market with less stress.

The consulting firm quickly gained traction and have been able to transform business ideas into sustainable growing firms ever since.

Yet, I felt a sense of missing in what we can provide. 

As business is becoming more “borderless”, global talents are the KEYs to success in today’s competitive and dynamic environment. With that in mind, combined by my 10 years experience in recruiting, I was able to help some clients to hire global talents to and from Vietnam with zero concerns about the local tax and legal procedures.

That is why I found Globalman. I believe in the potentials of bilingual professionals of my country can reach out to the world standards. I believe in global growth, not just local growth and I want to become a helping hand in that beautiful process.

Here are some words

What our clients say about us

When a naked man's chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher,
clearly, someone who believes he is above the law.

— Marco Guerra

Web Developer

When a naked man's chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher,
clearly, someone who believes he is above the law.

— Andrew McGregor

Product Manager

When a naked man's chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher,
clearly, someone who believes he is above the law.

— Stacey Pickering

UI/UX Designer

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